Women’s Age and Fertility

Womens Age Fertility

A common issue that we see a lot of is mothers who have children quite young in life and have no problem conceiving. As the years progress, they decide that they want to have another child, and this is when it proves to be a struggle.

Womens Age Fertility GraphA lot of women these days are so career-focused, and that is great, but there comes a time when they decide to have a baby and it proves to be a struggle. It is important for young women to be totally in tune with their reproductive health and know the realities of their reproductive systems. It is important to realise that no matter how healthy you are your eggs still age. Fertility declines every year which proves that it is exceptionally difficult to get pregnant naturally with the older you get.

When you think about it we rarely here of our older generations having fertility issues, one of the reasons for this is that our grandparents and great-grandparents had kids quiet young which counteracted the issue of ageing eggs. As women age, it takes longer to conceive and also the risk of a miscarriage and complications in pregnancy and childbirth increases.

There are some startling facts about women’s age and fertility:

  • Starting from roughly the age of 32 your fertility decreases significantly.
  • At age 35 the rate at which your fertility declines, speeds up
  • By the age of 40, fertility has fallen by almost half.
  • At the age of 30 the chances of conceiving by cycle is about 20% and at the age of 40 it declines to about 5%

We often hear that women have babies right into their 40’s and that is true however age is the most important factor in a woman conceiving.