Final Entry – and Positive Results

This is my final blog for our trial of Pre Conceive and we are 100% delighted with how it has gone. We have decided to continue with it on our own because of the results we have achieved, the research we have don, and the experts we have spoken to.

For me, I have experienced a marked improvement in my hormonal symptoms. This means that at age 43 and 11 months, my hormonal system is well on its way to being balanced for the first time since I started menstruating, many moons ago. I really cannot describe how that feels.

Over many, many years, I have tried pharmaceutical and natural methods of solving my symptoms with varying degrees of success. This is the first thing that has produced such a marked and consistent change for me, and being honest, I did not expect that.

For the last two years, my cycle length had started to become less and less consistent. At my age this can happen and is a sign that I might be entering perimenopause. For me, this increased the fear that it might be too late for me to become pregnant.

Now my cycle is consistently the same length every month and my hormonal symptoms have decreased significantly. I see this as my reproductive system getting younger again! Most importantly, it means I’m having the correct phases within my cycle to produce eggs, conceive and become pregnant. Also I feel I am doing the very best now to protect and nourish my eggs.

Even if we were not taking it to improve our fertility, I would continue to take PreConcieve to keep my hormonal symptoms sorted. I feel it could be used by any woman experiencing pre-menstrual, pre-menopausal and possibly even menopausal symptoms as well as skin issues relating to hormones.

The other marked change I have noticed is in my skin, eyes, nails and hair. I am getting a lot of compliments from people with the most common being “You look so well”. I also feel more energetic and more confident, probably because I feel well and also the consistency in my cycle has taken a huge weight of my shoulders. I have a definite pep in my step.

PreConceive has been such a catalyst. We decided to talk to a fertility consultant in Dublin. We had various checks done and were very pleased when our bloods came back showing all of our levels are good. We advised to take various vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and on looking through the list, we were able to check every single one off except one, because they are already in PreConcieve. The one that I had to take separately is available on prescription only. We felt as if we had gotten top marks for being so well prepared.

The three main issues for us with the product at first were the taste, digestive discomfort and the cost.

The taste has now been reformulated and is actually quite pleasant.

It did take about 2 months for our systems to get used to taking the product. As I wrote previously, I do believe this was our bodies detoxing. Since then we have not had any discomfort at all so it really was worth persevering.

The final issue for us was the cost. Because we have had advice from our fertility consultant in a clinic in Dublin, we know we need to both keep going with supplementation. So I looked into what would we need to take to get the levels we are getting from PreConceive and how much that would cost.

Two things jumped out.

Firstly, taking the individual supplements would cost about €535 each per month, and that’s three times the cost of PreConceive.

Secondly, to get the same levels, we would have to take 65 individual vitamin and mineral pills instead of one sachet – and one sachet gives us the equivalent of 31 servings of a well-known and much, much cheaper off-the-shelf nutrient supplement (which I had tried previously and did not benefit from).

So our options are to go for the cheap, off-the-shelf that I have previously not benefited from or spend an awful lot more money on individual products that have not been formulated, nor tested to specifically improve fertility in men and women.

For us the proof has been in the pudding. I feel younger, I have more energy, I have a normal cycle, I have far, far fewer hormonal symptoms, my skin, eyes, hair and nails look great, my brain is sharper and my general motivation has improved. As for John, it’s also had a marked benefit that we shall keep between the two of us.

A big, big thank you to Mark at Pillar Healthcare and Christine and to all the ladies in Back to Nature for all of your support and allowing us to trial PreConcieve.

The journey and results have been far more than we expected and we shall keep you all posted.