Entry 3 – Day 42

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for us both, and myself in particular.

This cycle, I noticed a marked difference in my usual symptoms and I see this as very positive as I really feel my body had a big detox. It has, however, led me to ask myself am I doing everything I can, and the answer to that question is “no, I’m not”.

Taking pre-Conceive has allowed us to focus very much on our nutrition and physical health and perhaps because I’m feeling so much stronger, with more energy and clarity, it’s now allowing us to focus on our emotional and mental health. We have been on this journey for three years and any couple who has been through this will know that it takes you to depths you never imagined, with some months being easier than others. Sometimes it’s very possible to surrender and let go and others it almost feels like grief.

And these last two weeks have been difficult. Looking back over it, I realise that I’m not managing my stress levels at all! For months (or probably longer if you asked John), I have been like a bear with a sore head, looking at all the things in our lives that aren’t perfect, that need work, that need to be fixed, completed, improved, etc., etc. I think before we started on pre-Conceive I was running on nervous energy and now I’m noticing it’s easier to calm down and let go and that suddenly I can see the wood for the trees and how I can build in relaxation and exercise into my day.

I used to meditate and I have even created my own mediations for clients. But my focus had become so narrow, and if I’m being honest, had become negative because we were focused on what we didn’t have with the result I had stopped taking care of myself in a nurturing way. So I’ve dug out my old meditation CDs and I just spend five to ten minutes a day doing that and it feels great. My mind stops racing and I feel calmer and more positive.

The other big thing that I’m noticing is that it’s much easier for me to go out and exercise and walk. Again this was something I knew I should do and intended to do but was just too tired, irritable and stressed to actually do. I just seem to have more pep in my step now and enjoy heading out for a wander and a stretch. John and I particularly like going for a walk together at weekends, such as around Hollywood lake in Monaghan last weekend. We had such a lovely time, it was completely relaxing and we got a good walk in.

I think because we are both taking pre-Conceive as a couple, that somehow it’s allowed us to be much more of team. We joke about taking the drink and he boasts that he never forgets to take it and teases me when I notice the taste of it. It’s had a very positive impact on our state of being and has been a catalyst for some very good changes!

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