Entry 2 – Day 28

We have a month on pre-Conceive under our belt now, and it is very much part of our routine. John continues as he began, knocking it back! It does have an effect on his stomach the odd day still, but not much. I have experimented and now take pre-Concieve on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, and that works very well for me. If I take it any later, it does sometimes give me an upset tummy. I did notice that at the beginning of my cycle that the smell and taste of the drink bothered me more, but as my cycle progressed, I noticed it less.

I’m boasting now, but I’m getting lots of compliments on how well I look, with particular amazement expressed about my skin. I still get the odd spot, but while this may be wishful thinking, I do think my skin looks younger. I do not notice the fine lines around my eyes as much and the typical red spider veins that Irish women are blessed with seem to be fading a little! As a Naturopath, I see that as an improvement in my circulation with a possible reduction of inflammation in my body. This makes me very happy as it will help nourish and nurture my eggs and uterus.

In my own training, I remember one of my teachers telling us to think of fertility in both men and women as farming. The uterus in particular, she told my class, “is like a field. You need to prepare the field to grow the best crop you can and the quality and quantity of the crop depends on the fertility of the soil. The soil needs to be turned over, rested and nourished. The stones and weeds removed so it becomes rich, fertile and easy for the seeds to germinate, take root and grow. You don’t want “clumpy, clayey soil,” she said. She’s from Mayo.

While it may sound a little crude, the same can be said of the uterus and our eggs. The blood that nourishes the lining of the uterus as well as the ovaries needs to be nutrient-rich and toxin-free so that it creates the best environment to grow a person!

We get our nutrients from what we eat and drink and can help our body to clear out toxins using foods and water also. So the quality of both is very, very important. If you are building a house, ideally you will get the best building materials possible and clear the site beforehand! The same goes with a baby.

So, we cook everything from scratch and use lots of organic fruits, vegetables and meat, ideally locally grown when we can find it. We choose to do this for the simple reason that organic and/or locally grown food has far more nutrients (the building blocks of life) and far fewer toxins. I’ve always done this as food has worked as medicine for me in the past so for me it’s very normal and fun.

Also, we have been attending a fertility acupuncturist since October 2015 and got advice on nutrition based on her diagnosis using traditional Chinese medicine. So we gave up all dairy and wheat and I’ve also cut gluten out, bar the odd lapse here and there.

I had joined a slimming group to lose weight to improve our chances. My biggest concern in doing this was the reduction I had to make in healthy fats to help with weight loss. The pre-Concieve omega 3 tablets are very easily built in to the slimming programme and it was a huge relief as healthy fats are so important for conception. I also eat oily fish at least twice a week and I’m happy to say the weight loss continues.

I have a major sweet tooth so I use coconut sugar, stevia or xylitol instead of artificial sweeteners. I have yet to give up chocolate I have to admit, but sometimes you just have to have comfort!

For me keeping things simple works very well so I fill half my plate with vegetables (that I enjoy eating!) and eat at least four portions of fruit a day and do not overcook our veggies. I drink plenty of water, eight glasses a day, a rare cup of coffee, and less tea. And lots of herbs and spices! I also know that the food available to us is not as nutrient-rich as in previous decades so it’s a big weight off my shoulders to take something as seemingly simple as the pre-Conceive drink to bridge the gaps!

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