Setting our sights on Scandinavia

pre-Conceive available in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is in line to become the next international region where pre-Conceive is available, following a recent trip to both Sweden and Denmark by the Managing Director of Pillar Healthcare, Mark Whitney.

Mark attended the ‘Natural Products Scandinavia’ expo in MalmöMässan during November, where thousands of exciting new and all-natural products were on show. He had a number of promising meetings with potential partners who are interested in bringing pre-Conceive to Sweden and to Scandinavia as a whole. Talks are currently continuing, and it is hoped that pre-Conceive will become available there in early 2017.

Mark also had a number of meetings in Denmark to facilitate Pillar Healthcare’s ongoing expansion overseas. These included a successful meeting with Dr Preben Christensen, a leading specialist in male DNA health at SPZ Lab in Copenhagen, which is at the cutting edge of research into male fertility and infertility issues.

The reaction to pre-Conceive and its benefits was very positive at all meetings attended.