Omega-3 for Pregnancy

29.99 incl. Vat

Pillar Healthcare’s Omega-3 for Pregnancy is the complete Omega-3 supplement to support the development of the baby throughout all stages of your pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.

Pillar Healthcare’s Omega-3 is pure, unadulterated, safe, and contributes two of the key components of Omega-3, EPA and DHA. In sourcing our Omega-3 nutritional supplement, we work with trusted partners who abide by our principles to produce products to the highest possible standard and in doing so, sourcing all of our materials in a responsible and ethical way.

Our Fertility Supplement pre-Conceive includes contains a months supply of Omega-3 for Pregnancy softgels.

One month’s supply, 90 softgels.


Omega-3 for Pregnancy is crucial to the development of the child. Study after study has validated its essential nature helping to ensure the development of:

  1. The infant’s brain and nervous system,
  2. The normal development of the infant’s eyes and vision,
  3. As well as the general growth and development of the infant.

Several major governing bodies and institutions recommend that women who are trying to become pregnant, who are pregnant or breastfeeding, should increase their consumption of Omega-3 sources, particularly EPA and DHA. It is preferable that the Omega-3 content is consumed from dietary sources but for a variety of reasons, we know that Omega-3 before during and after pregnancy is not consumed in the required amounts.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a non-profit organisation, ‘during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the research-backed benefits of the omega-3s EPA and DHA include supporting the healthy development of the foetal brain, eye, and nervous system, healthy birth weight and gestational length, healthy immune system development, positive mood and well-being in mothers, and attention and focus in infants and children.’ It is reported in published clinical evidence that up to ninety-five percent of pregnant women do not consume the recommended level of Omega-3 during their pregnancy.

At Pillar Healthcare, our team of nutritional scientists and medical experts understand the importance of Omega-3 to the infant and the mother. This is why we developed this nutritional preparation of toxin-free, mercury-free, Omega-3 for Pregnancy softgels to compliment your diet and support your pregnancy. For further information, please see the product’s nutritional information below as well as our Frequently Asked Questions section. For further information, please email the company on

According to the European Food Safety Authority, Essential fatty acids are needed for normal growth and development of children including and not limited to, normal brain development of the foetus and breastfed infants, the normal development of the eye of the foetus and breastfed infants, the normal visual development of infants, the normal function of the heart and maintenance of normal brain function and normal vision.

Our Fertility Supplement pre-Conceive includes contains a months supply of Omega-3 for Pregnancy softgels.