Male fertility problems are more common than many people may realise. Studies suggest that some 1 in 6 couples have difficulty in conceiving, and that among these, fertility problems with the male partner are the sole factor or a contributory factor in 33% of cases.

Taken together, those statistics mean approximately 1 in 15 men have difficulty in producing sufficient levels of healthy sperm to allow their partner to conceive.

How pre-Conceive Works for Men

That’s where pre-Conceive can help. Its unique formula of 31 key nutrients is clinically proven to increase sperm count in 71% of men, and increase total sperm motility in 85% of men. Those results can massively boost the chances of your partner becoming pregnant.

Sperm’s four-step journey

There are four key steps in the journey from producing sperm to successful fertilisation of an egg:

  1. Producing a strong and healthy sperm
  2. Protecting that sperm from start to finish
  3. Ensuring the sperm gets to the egg
  4. Fertilising the egg and transferring the sperm’s DNA

pre-Conceive helps with all four stages.

Producing strong and healthy sperm

Sperm manufacture occurs in several stages in the testes. Coiled structures called seminiferous tubules produce around twelve billion sperm cells per month. Sperm migrate from these tubules to the epididymis, where they are stored and develop into maturity.

Nutrients including Arginine, Selenium, and Zinc all occur naturally in sperm, and play vital roles in ensuring the health of the sperm. pre-Conceive adds significantly to the levels of these nutrients, dramatically increasing the likelihood of healthier sperm being produced. With those fundamental building blocks in place, the other tasks become easier.

Protecting the sperm

Before the sperm leaves the body, it can be exposed to toxins and potential ‘free radicals’ – molecules which occur naturally in the body, and which attack other molecules.

The body uses antioxidants to protect itself against damage from such attacks. However, the natural antioxidant capacity of semen decreases with age, and is lower again in men with poor sperm quality. pre-Conceive counteracts this by delivering some of the most researched and accredited antioxidants available, in their therapeutic doses, to provide massively increased protection for the sperm.

Ensuring the sperm gets to the egg

The healthier the sperm, the better it can swim, and the greater the chance of it reaching the egg.

It needs energy to do this, and the energy-enhancing nutrients in pre-Conceive can help deliver this. These include the B vitamin family, carnitine, and Co-Q-10, which all help with the conversion of sugars into energy.

pre-Conceive also provides the necessary nutrients for the sperm to survive after being ejaculated. This is facilitated by the alkaline environment of the seminal fluid. Agents like magnesium and calcium are found in the fluid, protecting the semen from the acidic environment of the womb.

Fertilising the egg and transferring DNA

Again, the energy of the sperm plays a key role here, and the unique blend of nutrients in pre-Conceive continues to deliver the necessary energy for this vital process.

The combination of healthier sperm, increased protection, and added energy means that the sperm is now far more likely to achieve its ultimate goal – fertilising the egg – than it would have been without pre-Conceive. And with successful fertilisation, comes pregnancy – the outcome you desire. That’s the power of pre-Conceive.