pre-Conceive praised on TV

pre Conceive SundayAM TV3

With National Fertility Awareness Week 2016 currently taking place, it’s timely to take a look back on twelve months ago, when pre-Conceive featured in a television slot about fertility issues.

TV3’s ‘Sunday AM’ show with Ivan Yates and Anna Daly spoke to two guests: Anita White, a woman who had been trying for a baby for 13 years, and fertility specialist Dr. Phil Boyle. Dr Boyle is a member of the American Academy of Fertility Care professionals (AAFCP) and is a certified Fertility Care Medical Consultant (CFCMC). He is a member of the Irish Fertility Society and is currently president of The International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine

Anita told her story of several unsuccessful pregnancies, and also told how she had started taking pre-Conceive in preparation for further attempts. Dr Boyle told how he too was convinced of its power: ‘People say they feel better from it, and we see pregnancy outcomes improving,’ he said.

‘It regulates your cycle, it makes you feel better, and fertility levels do improve,’ he added, before pointing out how pre-Conceive is fully research-based and how it contains what he termed ‘mega high doses’ of all its key nutrients.

You can view the clip of the entire segment here. Mention of pre-Conceive begins at 6:20.