Pillar Healthcare Statement on Coronavirus

Pillar Healthcare Statement on Coronavirus

A Statement from our Managing Director, Mark Whitney.

During this uncertain time, it is important that we stay kind as we are all facing an unknown quantity. Each of us will have our worries, concerns and fears. We must not let our fear get the better of us. You might be worried about a loved one, your home, your business, your income and countless other issues that are important to you and yours. It is imperative that we remember that we are all going through this as one people and the best way for our communities to fight these fears is to work together, to pull together, to achieve a better outcome for us all. There is a saying in Ireland:

“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine” which means “In the shadow of each other, we live.”

We need each other, we are protected by one and other, and in these extraordinary times, it is important that we act together as a community, for the betterment of each and every one of us.

For all those involved with Pillar, I have a few lines on what the company will and will not be doing over the weeks ahead and this will be continued until normalcy resumes. We welcome any and all contact, from any quarter, in the days and weeks ahead.

Safety: We have cancelled all of our upcoming events and all of our future travel plans. We have closed our offices and we have begun to work from home. We will continue to operate as best we can, although it is inevitable that certain aspects will be affected and we ask for your patience in these matters. We also urge you all to consider the advice issued by the relevant authorities where you are and implement these in full or at the least, as much as possible.

Creditors: For those involved with the company who are now impacted by the economic conditions caused by the pandemic, please do not let Pillar add to your worries and stress. All outstanding payments from companies who cannot afford to pay, will be deferred until normalcy returns.

Contact: Over the past few days and weeks, like many companies, we have been overwhelmed with the inordinate amount of questions and contacts we have received. We are working through these as best and as quickly as we can, and our apologies if we have not responded to you as of yet. It is our aim that all emails will have been answered by the end of this week, Friday the 20th.

The best contact remains our email, info@pillarhealthcare.com

Initiative: In the weeks ahead, our normal routines will be disrupted and some of us may find that we have some extra time on our hands. For others, the social distancing/isolation might leave us bored and some of us might like a productive distraction to break the monotony of the new routine. We are reaching out to friends, companies and anybody that finds this interesting; let’s speak and see if we can develop novel projects that we might not otherwise have begun or even contemplated. Any and all ideas are welcome and who knows what might develop.

For now, we wish you all the best in these trying times. Let us be patient, tolerant and kind to one and other and listen to the advice of the relevant authorities. Be well and keep safe!