A new improved taste for pre-Conceive

pre Conceive Improved Taste Thaumatin

Pillar Healthcare is delighted to announce that we have just improved the taste of pre-Conceive, in response to feedback from many of our regular users.

The change comes after working for some time on possible variations to our formula, in order to maintain our ethos of using only 100% all-natural and nutritional ingredients. An issue with taste previously existed simply because many natural ingredients just don’t taste very nice, but we are now happy that we have improved the taste without compromising our all-natural philosophy.

The change means that pre-Conceive now contains Thaumatin. This is a natural sweetener which has been used in West Africa for hundreds of years, and which is approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

It is produced from the katemfe fruit (pictured above), which contains one to three seeds surrounded by a gel, and capped with a membranous sac, which contains the material used as a sweetener.

It is a protein with just four calories per gramme, and it has zero glycemic index. It is not harmful to teeth, and is very suitable for diabetics to use. Also, because it is an astonishing 2,000 times more sweet than ‘ordinary’ sugar, only very small amounts need to be used.

It leaves a slight liquorice after-taste when ingested in larger amounts, but because the amounts used in pre-Conceive are so small, this should not be detectable to anybody with anything but the most sensitive of taste buds!

If you still find the taste of pre-Conceive is not to your liking however, you can find some tips now to make taking it easier on our How to take pre-Conceive page.