Pillar Healthcare’s Mark Whitney joins Expert Panel

pillar healthcare jurby wellness centre preconceive fertility

Founder and Managing Director of Pillar Healthcare, Mark Whitney, has been invited to join a leading international project that promotes restorative medicine and transparent science.

The Jurby Wellness Incubation Centre (JWIC) is based on the Isle of Man, British Isles. It is an open scientific collaboration of experts in fields related to restorative medicine and pursuing greater transparency in clinical trials and scientific data.

The Centre supports companies, researchers, clinicians and clinical trials by helping them to deliver measurable improvements in human wellness.  ‘Our aim is to help as many as who wish, to be as well as possible, for as long as reasonably possibly – without making it a chore,’ says Mr Courtenay Harding, who founded the Centre with Dr Farid Khan.

Mark’s invitation to join the expert team at Jurby as their Nutritional Expert comes in recognition of his development of pre-Conceive, the clinically-studied nutritional supplement which has been shown to improve fertility levels in both women and men.

‘I am delighted to take up this role at Jurby Wellness Incubation Centre,’ Mark said.

‘The Centre has a strong set of core principles and aims to provide better, more transparent healthcare options for all people.

‘I have long been an advocate of restorative medicine. Nutrition is the corner stone of health and the building blocks of life. Over the past thirteen years working in the nutritional industry, I have seen the role and impact good nutrition can make at all stages in life. The team at JWIC are experts in their respective fields and a very skilled and dedicated group.

‘JWIC will be able to help people have a better quality of life, while promoting transparent science. It is a great endeavour to be a part of,’ he added.