Frequently Asked Questions

pre-Conceive is a powerful fertility supplement that delivers therapeutic dosages of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that have been proven by independent clinical trials to boost fertility. pre-Conceive is a unique, unisex formula. Each nutrient has been examined for its effect on both male and female fertility.

pre-Conceive is manufactured in a specialist facility. There is full traceability on all ingredients.

pre-Conceive works in several beneficial ways for both women and men. Firstly, some of its ingredients work to enhance the delivery of other important nutrients to the reproductive organs. Then these nutrients aid energy production for cells including egg and sperm, and assist in developing healthier egg and sperm. There is also a full spectrum of protective antioxidants, and building blocks for the body to create other main antioxidant enzymes, all to safeguard the egg and sperm from damage by ‘free radicals’ in the body (these are naturally-occurring molecules which attack other molecules). You can find further details in How pre-Conceive Works for Women and How pre-Conceive Works for Men.

This will vary for each pre-Conceive user, as each will have a different health status, and there are many aspects to fertility. However, it is recommended that users take pre-Conceive for a minimum of three months. The results of our clinical study were themselves based on a three-month usage period. Meanwhile, Dr David Smallbone, a former President of the Food & Health Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK, recommends that for maximum effectively, pre-Conceive should be used for six months.

Quite simply – because it delivers so much more. pre-Conceive contains far higher levels of key nutrients than any popular, cheaper supplement. For full details, see our pre-Conceive Formula page. To get the same benefit from individual servings of each of the key nutrients in pre-Conceive, you would have to take 65 separate tablets each day, and spend approximately €500 per month. With pre-Conceive however, you enjoy all those benefits each day from just one sachet and three softgel capsules, and at just one-quarter the price.

There are 31 active nutrients in pre-Conceive. The combination of these ingredients deliver an unrivalled 16,519mg of active nutritional ingredients. In comparison, one leading competitor contains just 3,893mg, while another has only 545mg. To put this into perspective, if you were to buy the ingredients in pre-Conceive off the shelf, you would be taking 65 tablets each day. pre-Conceive also has other ingredients to sweeten and colour the product, as well as making sure the product remains stable. The ingredients used to sweeten and colour pre-Conceive are all from natural sources.

pre-Conceive is mainly designed for couples who are having difficulty in conceiving. It can be used to boost the chances of conceiving naturally, and can also be used while preparing for assisted reproductive procedures such as IUI or IVF. In essence, it is designed for those who want to have the best preparation for pregnancy. The nutrients in pre-Conceive have also been shown to benefit the developing embryo and the mother during pregnancy, while it can also benefit those who have had a miscarriage or recurrent miscarriages.

Yes. The nutrients delivered by pre-Conceive can help your body in preparing for IUI, IVF, or any other Assisted Reproduction procedure, and can increase the chances of a successful outcome. If you wish to use or are already using pre-Conceive while preparing for such a procedure, please let your consultant know.

pre-Conceive is a two-part product. A package contains 30 sachets of our unique blend of key nutrients, and in a separate pot, 90 Omega 3 capsules. You take one sachet each day, and three Omega 3 for Pregnancy capsules.

The sachet contents should be mixed and drunk with approximately 200ml of liquid such as water or juice. Some powder will remain in the glass because some ingredients (e.g. iron) do not dissolve well, but these should also be consumed, perhaps by adding more liquid or by scooping out with a spoon. We do not recommend adding the powder to food, as a lot of the powder will be left behind in the bowl or plate. The powder should be consumed early in the day, perhaps with breakfast. The Omega 3 capsules can be taken together later in the day, ideally with your evening meal. For more, see How to Take pre-Conceive.

pre-Conceive should be stored at room temperature and not exposed to extremes of temperature at any time. The fish oil (Omega 3) capsules should be stored below 25°C or kept in the fridge. Neither the sachets nor the capsules should be left in direct sunlight.

Most people report no side effects whatsoever from taking pre-Conceive. However, because of the large therapeutic doses of nutrients some people might experience an uncomfortable feeling in their stomach. This is generally due to the levels of Arginine, Zinc, and sulphurous-based ingredients. There can be a feeling of ‘fullness’ or ‘bloating’, and in a small number of cases, there may be diarrhoea. Suggestions to counter any side effects include:

  • Splitting the main dose in two, for example, half before breakfast and half after breakfast. Alternatively, take half just after breakfast, and the other half sometime before lunch.
  • Moving the entire 200ml dose to after lunch, if your stomach feels better able to take it later in the day.
  • Drinking lots of extra water. For example, whether you consume pre-Conceive in two 100ml servings, or one 200ml serving, drink another 500mls to 1 litre of water straight away, and your stomach should settle straight away.
  • You can contact us at any stage for further advice if you are still experiencing side effects.

It depends on the treatment. However, for trouble conceiving, a doctor typically prescribes the fertility drug Clomid®. In some women, Clomid® causes no side effects, but in others, side effects may include mood swings, hot flushes, breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, and nausea. Roughly 30 % of women who take Clomid® experience the more serious side effects of hostile fertile mucous (where the cervical mucus become too thick to allow sperm to penetrate the cervix) and uterine lining thinning. This can prevent conception as a thin uterine lining decreases the likelihood of implantation, while if implantation does occur, it may lead to early miscarriage.

Birth control pills are still the treatment of choice for irregular periods. However, a 2006 study concluded that birth control pills increase insulin resistance, making the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) more pronounced and increasing the risk of major heath complications (Mastorakos 2006).

Other conventional treatments can also bring other serious side effects, but the all-natural formula of pre-Conceive avoids these.

pre-Conceive is available to buy online : We sell online to keep the costs down for our customers.