Exercising for Fertility: The do’s and don’ts

Exercising for fertility

in My Fertility Specialist, May-July 2016

Exercise… We all know how important a good level of activity is. We know that exercise and physical activity can help with your heart, your lungs, your weight, your mentality, immunity and more or less every system in the body – including your fertility.

Weight Gain – Your body works on a very simple mathematical solution – calories consumed less calories expended equals weight gain or weight loss. In the UK the NHS suggests a man needs around 2,500Kcal a day to maintain his weight; for a woman, that figure is around 2,000Kcal a day. To put it simply, if I as a man ate 2,500Kcals a day, I need to ‘burn’ 2,501Kcals a day to lose weight. Weight loss is a two pronged approach; first, keep an eye on the calories being consumed and second, maximising calorie expenditure.

Exercise – We are all busy and rarely have enough time in the day. Free time is limited or non-existent. Sadly, these excuses will not wash when it comes to your health and fertility. I often break exercise into three categories…

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