Citrulline for Fertility

L-citrulline is included as it makes Arginine work harder and twelve times longer. The testicles and ovaries need a good blood supply, which brings more nutrients, oxygen and hormones so that the quality of sperm and egg cell production can be maximised.
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pre-Conceive supplement

Glycine is an amino acid, a building block for protein. It is essential in maintaining healthy central nervous and digestive systems. Glycine is used in the body to help construct normal DNA and RNA strands—the genetic material needed for proper cellular function and formation. Glycine is considered a glucogenic amino acid, which means it helps supply the body with glucose needed for energy. It helps regulate blood sugar levels, and thus glycine supplementation may be useful for treating symptoms characterized by low energy and fatigue, such as hypoglycemia, anemia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), whilst supporting PCOS symptoms.

Glycine is also a contributing member in creating the antioxidant Glutathione, as well as Glutamine and NAC.

Glycine is one of the key ingredients in pre-Conceive. One daily serving provides 500mg of Glycine.

In total, pre-Conceive delivers a total of 19,465mg of active nutritional ingredients in every serving.

A leading competitor delivers just 547mg.

A second leading competitor has only 443mg.

pre-Conceive is your effective, all-natural, and clinically-proven means of boosting your chances of conceiving.

Vitamin E

pre-Conceive supplement

Without Vitamin E, the body cannot reproduce. Vitamin E can improve the thickness of the endometrium. Vitamin E helps protect our DNA and is crucial for egg protection and low Vitamin E status can be a causing factor in miscarriage and pre-eclampsia.

Vitamin E functions primarily as an antioxidant and can increase sperm motility and overall health. It has been shown that men who prepared with vitamin E prior to IVF treatment, with their partners, had an increase in rate of fertilisation by 50%.
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Pillar Healthcare Statement on Coronavirus

Pillar Healthcare Statement on Coronavirus

A Statement from our Managing Director, Mark Whitney.

During this uncertain time, it is important that we stay kind as we are all facing an unknown quantity. Each of us will have our worries, concerns and fears. We must not let our fear get the better of us. You might be worried about a loved one, your home, your business, your income and countless other issues that are important to you and yours. It is imperative that we remember that we are all going through this as one people and the best way for our communities to fight these fears is to work together, to pull together, to achieve a better outcome for us all. There is a saying in Ireland:

“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine” which means “In the shadow of each other, we live.”

We need each other, we are protected by one and other, and in these extraordinary times, it is important that we act together as a community, for the betterment of each and every one of us.

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Pillar Healthcare welcomes new Medical Advisor Dr. Ning Qu

Pillar Healthcare welcomes new Medical Advisor Dr Ning Qu

Pillar Healthcare was established in September 2012 with a clear proposal. The proposal as outlined by Pillar’s founder, Mark Whitney, was to design and create a nutritional formulation that could be clinically shown to normalise fertility parameters in men and women. Over a three year period, making reference to over six thousand published materials, the nutritional supplement ‘pre-Conceive’ was formulated. pre-Conceive was independently examined in a landmark study for Europe. The Lead Researcher’s Conclusion, which featured in national and international press stated:

“pre-Conceive combined with nutritional advice improves the levels of key fertility and nutritional parameters, though a larger study is required to validate if pre-Conceive can improve overall fertility in patients.”

Pillar Healthcare is now operating across three continents. Pillar Healthcare’s pre-Conceive has helped countless couples conceive all across the world, both as a viable alternative to assisted reproductive procedures as well as a conjunctive aid to the procedures.

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Pillar Healthcare’s Mark Whitney joins Expert Panel

pillar healthcare jurby wellness centre preconceive fertility

Founder and Managing Director of Pillar Healthcare, Mark Whitney, has been invited to join a leading international project that promotes restorative medicine and transparent science.

The Jurby Wellness Incubation Centre (JWIC) is based on the Isle of Man, British Isles. It is an open scientific collaboration of experts in fields related to restorative medicine and pursuing greater transparency in clinical trials and scientific data.

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Australian IVF clinics have been misleading couples

IVF microscope

Source: The Guardian

Several major IVF clinics in Australia have been misleading couples about their success rate, an investigation by the Australian consumer watchdog has found.

Earlier this year the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission launched a review of website content from all major Australian IVF clinics, and found some made success rate comparisons without adequately disclosing and quantifying the data used to make the claims.

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