Arginine for Fertility

Arginine has been shown in more than 10,000 medical citations to improve both male and female fertility. It is a precursor for the molecules putrescine, spermidine and spermine, all of which have been shown to be important for maintaining sperm motility.

It has been shown to improve blood flow to the ovaries and testes, which can improve nutrient delivery, water, oxygen and help in removing harmful substances.

Taking Arginine can benefit both male and female fertility, and is often recommended for couples trying to conceive. It is instrumental in helping the body produce Nitric Oxide, which promotes blood flow to the genitalia and ovaries.

Not only is Arginine generally accepted as a libido booster for women, but is also used to naturally improve the sexual functioning in men, and is popularly used by men over the age of 40 as a natural alternative to Viagra.

For women, Arginine can help increase cervical mucas. It can also help women with a thin uterine lining. Adequate thickness of the endometrium, or uterine lining, is important for supporting a pregnancy. Women with a thin lining tend to have low pregnancy rates.

Research also suggests that it may be helpful for patients who are poor responders in an IVF cycle.

For men, Arginine helps increase both sperm count and sperm mobility.

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