Pillar Healthcare is the company behind the ground-breaking fertility nutritional supplement, pre-Conceive.

The pioneering company was also responsible for commissioning Europe’s first-ever clinical study into a nutritional supplement’s effect on both male and female fertility. The study proved the power of pre-Conceive, as main findings included:

  • 100% of women had improved their hormonal profiles
  • 71% of women had improved their AMH levels
  • 60% of women had improved their antioxidant marker that protects follicle and egg quality
  • 85% of men had improved their total sperm motility
  • 81% of men had improved DNA quality in new sperm cells
  • 71% of men had improved their sperm count

The findings were validation of all the research and development work carried out by founders of Pillar Healthcare, Mark Whitney and Matt Ronan, since the company was established in late 2012.

Both Mark and Matt were already vastly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of nutritional supplements when Pillar Healthcare was founded. Matt, along with wife Nuala, is proprietor of Ireland’s largest health food store. Mark had managed this store while still in his early twenties, and also had valuable experience from a number of other roles, including product specialist for a major supplements company in Ireland, product trainer for a supplements company in the UK, and running his own nutritional clinic.

Mark had found in his clinic that there was an ongoing increase in the number of people seeking nutritional advice for fertility problems. He became frustrated at what he felt was the lack of a suitable and clinically-proven fertility supplement for both women and men. He and Matt decided to investigate the possibility of launching one themselves, and so Pillar Healthcare was born.

Mark and Matt got to work on developing a cutting edge formula to supply the key nutrients for fertility in both men and women. The eventual formula ended up at 31 nutrients at therapeutic levels that were referenced in more than 6,500 clinical trials.

The pre-Conceive formula is so comprehensive, that to replicate it with other supplements, you would need to take an estimated 65 tablets per day and spend in the region of €500 per month.

Once the formula was completed, Mark approached another nutritional expert, Dr David Smallbone (M.B., Ch.B., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., M.F. Hom., F.C.O.H.), who is a former President of the Food & Health Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK.

Dr. Smallbone gave Pillar medical oversight on the nutritional formula and in support of the Pillar approach, Dr. Smallbone has recently become a non-executive director of Pillar Healthcare.

pre-Conceive was then launched onto the Irish market in January 2014, making an immediate impact. In early 2015, Mark Whitney took sole charge of Pillar Healthcare, to bring the company to the next stage. By June 2016, pre-Conceive was on sale in six countries, with further expansion planned, and it has helped hundreds of people conceive naturally and in conjunction with assisted reproductive procedures.

Pillar will continue to drive itself forward by its motto of ‘Research – Evidence – Result’. This is the process of how pre-Conceive was developed, and Pillar’s sole aim is to support those trying to conceive. We are always here and we will always endeavour use our knowledge base to help people as best we can.