pre-Conceive now available at Amazon


Pillar Healthcare is proud to announce that its ground-breaking and all-natural fertility supplement for both women and men, pre-Conceive, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

The listing with the world’s largest online retailer is further evidence of pre-Conceive’s increasing international renown, and makes it more readily available to people who may not have previously been aware of it or tried it.

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Further evidence of the power of pre-Conceive


Ongoing analysis of data collected during our pioneering first-ever clinical study in Europe into an all-natural fertility supplement has yielded further encouraging news for male partners in couples who are struggling to conceive.

Our research team has found that sperm morphology was improved in 66% of male participants in the study – therefore giving them a greater chance of fathering a child.

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Setting our sights on Scandinavia

pre-Conceive available in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is in line to become the next international region where pre-Conceive is available, following a recent trip to both Sweden and Denmark by the Managing Director of Pillar Healthcare, Mark Whitney.

Mark attended the ‘Natural Products Scandinavia’ expo in MalmöMässan during November, where thousands of exciting new and all-natural products were on show. He had a number of promising meetings with potential partners who are interested in bringing pre-Conceive to Sweden and to Scandinavia as a whole. Talks are currently continuing, and it is hoped that pre-Conceive will become available there in early 2017.

Mark also had a number of meetings in Denmark to facilitate Pillar Healthcare’s ongoing expansion overseas. These included a successful meeting with Dr Preben Christensen, a leading specialist in male DNA health at SPZ Lab in Copenhagen, which is at the cutting edge of research into male fertility and infertility issues.

The reaction to pre-Conceive and its benefits was very positive at all meetings attended.

A new improved taste for pre-Conceive

pre Conceive Improved Taste Thaumatin

Pillar Healthcare is delighted to announce that we have just improved the taste of pre-Conceive, in response to feedback from many of our regular users.

The change comes after working for some time on possible variations to our formula, in order to maintain our ethos of using only 100% all-natural and nutritional ingredients. An issue with taste previously existed simply because many natural ingredients just don’t taste very nice, but we are now happy that we have improved the taste without compromising our all-natural philosophy.

The change means that pre-Conceive now contains Thaumatin. This is a natural sweetener which has been used in West Africa for hundreds of years, and which is approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

It is produced from the katemfe fruit (pictured above), which contains one to three seeds surrounded by a gel, and capped with a membranous sac, which contains the material used as a sweetener.

It is a protein with just four calories per gramme, and it has zero glycemic index. It is not harmful to teeth, and is very suitable for diabetics to use. Also, because it is an astonishing 2,000 times more sweet than ‘ordinary’ sugar, only very small amounts need to be used.

It leaves a slight liquorice after-taste when ingested in larger amounts, but because the amounts used in pre-Conceive are so small, this should not be detectable to anybody with anything but the most sensitive of taste buds!

If you still find the taste of pre-Conceive is not to your liking however, you can find some tips now to make taking it easier on our How to take pre-Conceive page.

Success at The Pharmacy Show

pre-Conceive Success Pharmacy Show 2016

Pillar Healthcare has just enjoyed a massively successful trip to the NEC in Birmingham for The Pharmacy Show – the UK’s largest conference for community pharmacy professionals and their industry.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly how Pillar Healthcare’s innovative fertility supplement pre-Conceive was announced as winner in the ‘Best Supplement & Herbal’ category in the Product Awards held there. There were eight other nominations for the award, including brands that are longer-established and are of wider use amongst the public, but pre-Conceive was voted the winner thanks to its ground-breaking formula that has been clinically proven to improve key fertility parameters in both women and men.

Pillar Healthcare’s Managing Director, Mark Whitney, was overjoyed with the success.

It is always great to be nominated for such a prestigious award. Looking at the calibre of the other companies and products pre-Conceive was nominated with, it makes the success all the more special. It is always great to get the recognition for the hard work that goes in to creating and developing a product. Hopefully, pre-Conceive can go on to help more couples conceive naturally or with assisted reproduction…

he said.

Pillar Healthcare and pre-Conceive had already been listed as one of the ‘Must-See’ exhibitors at The Pharmacy Show, which is attended by thousands. This is due to how the company and product exactly fit the ethos of the Show – to showcase new solutions for the pharmacy sector.

Being both a ‘Must-See’ and an award winner meant the Pillar Healthcare stand was visited by a large number of pharmacy professionals during the two-day exhibition, and Pillar Healthcare is now looking forward to further expanding the availability of pre-Conceive in the UK.

Pillar Healthcare and pre-Conceive at The Pharmacy Show

pre-Conceive at The Pharmacy Show 2016


pre-ConceivePillar Healthcare will be represented by Managing Director Mark Whitney at the upcoming Pharmacy Show in the NEC, Birmingham, on Sunday September 25 and Monday September 26 next.

Mark will be available to talk to pharmacists and others in the industry about Pillar Healthcare’s leading nutritional supplement, pre-Conceive, that has been shown to improve fertility in both men and women. In Europe’s first ever clinical study into nutritional supplements and male and female fertility, Pillar Healthcare were shown to have broken the mould in fertility treatment.
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Vote for us, and you could win a luxury spa break!

Vote pre-Conceive Win Luxury Spa Break

pre-Conceive has been nominated in the Best Supplements & Remedies category of the annual ‘Your Healthy Living’ awards scheme. It’s a public vote, and all who cast their vote are entered into a draw for a luxury hotel & spa break – so we could all be winners!

2016 Your Healthy Living Best Supplement and Remedies Nominated‘Your Healthy Living’ is a leading consumer magazine committed to raising awareness of natural health products and bringing the latest news to health conscious consumers all over the UK and Ireland. The ‘Your Healthy Living’ awards scheme brings together the best natural products from the industry, and we are delighted to have been nominated.

Pillar Healthcare is honoured that pre-Conceive has been nominated for an award, and would appreciate your support. Voting remains open until October 21, and you can cast your vote online here. Just scroll down until you find us!

Depression and anxiety may be underlying factors for a poor IVF outcome

Depression Anxiety Poor IVF Outcome

Depression and anxiety, and not necessarily the use of antidepressant medication, are associated with lower pregnancy and live birth rates following in vitro fertilisation, according to a large register study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. These findings have been announced in the journal ‘Fertility and Sterility.’

Treatment with antidepressants has increased both in general and among women of reproductive age in the last few decades. In particular, the use of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, SSRIs, has increased. However, little is known about the effect of antidepressants on fertility and the ability to conceive.

The new study, including more than 23,000 women, is the largest so far assessing the association between depression, anxiety and antidepressants and the outcome of in-vitro fertilisation, IVF. The investigators used anonymous data on all IVF procedures performed in Sweden from 2007 and onwards, extracted from the Swedish Quality Register of Assisted Reproduction. They linked it to information on depression, anxiety and antidepressant prescription dispensations from the nationwide Swedish Patient and Prescribed Drug Registers.
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